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How to remove ccjs

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) can cripple your credit your credit file and can make it impossible to get credit – this doesn’t just mean getting a new car or a loan but can ruin have a negative impact on getting a new mortgage deal.  CCJ’s aren’t just received by people who have been frivolous with their money, they can be disputes gone sour or can be obtained through no fault of their own for redundancy or change in circumstances.  The current economic climate means that more and more people are finding themselves in this kind of financial quandary.

It can be very frightening when court papers land on your doorstep – especially if you have never seen them before; they can be very confusing and there are all sorts of different deadlines.  Our first recommendation would be not to panic and to seek professional advice; this doesn’t have to be costly and can save you a lot of problems in the future.  You may be aware that if you pay the balance of the CCJ within thirty days of the CCJ being registered then it can be removed without a trace – if you settle after this period then although it will be marked as ‘satisfied’ it will stay on your credit file for six years.  If you can settle the full balance within the thirty fantastic!  You don’t have a problem.  If you can’t settle the debt in full you may think there is nothing you can do other than pray that for the next six years you do not need any form of credit!  If you do then you are wrong; but be very careful as there are many companies declaring they can ‘clean up your credit’ – the truth is this is impossible BUT we can genuinely help you to get the creditor to agree to remove the CCJ – we can do this on your behalf.

Our unique, completely legal, tried and tested method can work even if you cannot pay the balance in full.  We can negotiate with your creditor in a partial settlement or even that you will pay in instalments and get it removed - It can even be used on old CCJ’s!

If you would like to have an informal chat on how we could help you to remove any of your CCJ’s then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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